About Me

Robert Shimonski

Robert Shimonski is an experienced entrepreneur and an active participant in the business community. Rob is a best-selling author and editor with over 20+ years experience developing, producing and distributing print media in the form of books, magazines and periodicals. To date, Rob has successfully created over 100 books that are currently in circulation as both an author and an editor.

My Experience


Rob has worked for countless companies to include CompTIA, Entrepreneur Magazine, Microsoft, McGraw Hill Education, Cisco, INE, the NSA, Wiley, Pearson, Elsevier and Digidesign. Rob has an extremely diverse background in the print media industry filling roles such as author, co-author, technical editor, copy editor and developmental editor. Since print media shifted to the digital domain, Rob has focused the past decade on developing all of the needed skills to produce professional audio and video media.

My Services


In need of a new article? Review a published work for copy edit? Developmental editing? Ghost writing? Robert has spent over 2 decades in the industry developing these skills and can deliver product that meets your needs at a very high level for a fair price. Contact Robert today. New for April 2020, the release of my new book 'Penetration Testing for Dummies' Click the image to purchase today!